Adventure 1: The Beale Of Boregal

We start on the Wandering Walk, in a section out in the Beyond known as the fifth stretch. Depending on which way you are walking, you’re either coming from The Steadfast or the Great Slab.

This area is one of the more well known ones. It is known due to holding a larger than normal amount of villages, a rare phenomena where biolumenescance swarm dance in a spectacle of light and color, and for their dirt which is used as a dye.

As a starting point, you are all on The Wandering Walk. It is up to you why you are on it, and why you are on the walk. Feel free to come up with your own reason (You can be a Perigrine, Skulker, or just lost if you wish). I have provided a few below that you may want to work into your character (and may add some flavor to the session or future sessions).

  • You are collecting dye to dye something you have or are building
  • You have heard of treasure in The False Woods
  • You hope to be the first to climb The Great Slab
  • You heard rumors of a resurrection machine nearby

Adventure 1: The Beale Of Boregal

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